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Title Vurës
Description 10A RPP Ray 13 Wasag Story of Peter Posa. (Introduced, not traditional. This is a variation on Charles Perrault's 'Le Petit Poucet'.) -- 10A WWM̄ Nightingale Webster Liar Vētuboso/ Wasag Traditional story about two couples who promise that the son of one, Wōwut, will marry the daughter of the other, M̄eter, when they come of age. The two never saw each other, but were locked in their houses, until one day, when Wōwut was practising shooting, he shot an arrow outside and M̄eter saw him. Another girl also saw him and convinced him to let her go with him. The parents got upset and sent for M̄eter, and they all went to work in the garden together. M̄eter felt rejected and while they were working she ran down to the sea and drowned herself. Wōwut tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen so he went home and hung himself, leaving his parents and the young woman. -- 10B BNR Brenden Malau Vētuboso (Laln̄evut) Traditional story about a rat and a hermit crab who go and collect sea almonds. The rat finishes its share first and keeps asking for more from the hermit crab until it finally refuses. The rat then gets angry and chases the hermit crab so it falls from the bush where it is perching and smashes its testicles. An old woman then comes and sews him up. -- 10B DPR Kathy Doris Vētuboso Photo description of reef and fish. -- 10B DSR Diana Wasag Traditional story of Ragargarsiler, a woman from the sea. A married man pretends to her that he has no wife and takes her home with him. Neither she nor the wife are happy about this, but they stay, and the next day he goes to the taro garden and sends them to dig up yams. He tells his wife not to let Ragargarsiler dig a long kind of yam, but his wife disobeys. She tries and tries to dig it up, but in the end it breaks. The wife gets cross with her for breaking their yam and beats her, then leaves her and goes home. The husband returns and looks for Ragargarsiler, but she goes back into the sea and turns back into a fish. The man goes home and kills his wife and lives alone. -- 10B GNR Gōsōw Atchfield Vētuboso Traditional story about a hermit crab and a rat. The hermit crab climbed up an Indian almond tree, fell down and smashed its testicles. (Very brief version of BNR) -- 10B JSD Jonas Vētuboso Personal narrative about what the speaker (a small boy) did that day. -- 10B NRL Nanet born 1962 Vētuboso (Vetrat) Personal narrative about the speaker's life history. -- 10B OHS Sept 2002 Owen Qalgislē Vētuboso Personal narrative about a man called Tōtlēt who went fishing for flying fish and pulled up a huge long stone. He pulled ashore the stone at N̄erevag and made his men's house there. -- 10B OSK Obed Rereman Wasag Narrative about making and drinking kava. -- All transcribed, but not time-aligned or translated. Month deduced from collection context; default day to conform to ISO standard.
Origination date 2002-07-01
Origination date free form
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Catriona Malau
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Language as given Vurës
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Region / village Vētuboso, Wasag
Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Catriona Malau
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
Roles Catriona Hyslop : recorder
Kathy Doris : speaker
Gosow Atchfield : speaker
Diana : speaker
Jonas : speaker
Nightingale Webster Liar : speaker
Brenden Malau : speaker
Ray : speaker
Obed Rereman : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56ED7238177DE
Cite as Catriona Malau (collector), Catriona Hyslop (recorder), Kathy Doris (speaker), Gosow Atchfield (speaker), Diana (speaker), Jonas (speaker), Nightingale Webster Liar (speaker), Brenden Malau (speaker), Ray (speaker), Obed Rereman (speaker), 2002. Vurës. MPEG/VND.WAV/PLAIN. CH1-200210 at
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CH1-200210-AWWM.txt text/plain 20.1 KB
CH1-200210-B.mp3 audio/mpeg 26.3 MB 00:28:46.69
CH1-200210-B.wav audio/vnd.wav 951 MB 00:28:50.0
CH1-200210-BBNR.txt text/plain 3.49 KB
CH1-200210-BDPR.txt text/plain 4.94 KB
CH1-200210-BDSR.txt text/plain 20.1 KB
CH1-200210-BGNR.txt text/plain 596 Bytes
CH1-200210-BJSD.txt text/plain 865 Bytes
CH1-200210-BNRL.txt text/plain 4.33 KB
CH1-200210-BOHS.txt text/plain 7.81 KB
CH1-200210-BOSK.txt text/plain 12.9 KB
CH1-200210-RPP.txt text/plain 15.4 KB
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Collection Information
Collection ID CH1
Collection title Mosina (Mosin) (Vanuatu)
Description Collection of 11 audio tapes and 4 MDs containing recordings of various Vurës speakers. Most of these recordings have a transcript, and many are also time-aligned in Transcriber and glossed in Toolbox with English and Bislama translations.
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