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Title Vurës
Description 9A ATW Arthur Malvanvan Vētuboso Traditional story about two brothers called Ten̄me and Wēdēn̄ēr whose parents die. Before they die, they advise their sons, who are still small, to continue planting the food gardens. They do not and soon have no food left to eat. They go and look for their mother's spirit, who helps them, but in the end they are killed by people from M̄ikian. -- 9A DPD Dērēs ? Vētuboso Traditional story of a mother and her baby. They are out in the bush and get lost and an old woman invites them to sleep at her house. They don't realise that she is a devil, but manage to survive until the next morning without her eating them. She convinces them to stay again the next day while she goes to get her fellow devils to come and eat them. However her husband, who is only a half devil, comes home and warns them. They escape and enlist the help of a pig, who chases the devil woman and bites her to death. -- 9A DTB Dērēs ? Vētuboso Traditional story of two brothers and their wives. (Not transcribed) -- 9B FRN Freda Lona Malau Vētuboso Traditional story about a swamphen and a rat who went together to eat Malay apples. They argued about who should climb the tree and in the end the rat climbed. When it was up the tree the swamphen took a needle from a she-oak and stuck it in the rat's bottom as a tail. The rat then refused to throw down any fruit for the Swamphen to eat. It then threw down a very ripe red apple which landed on its head to make its beak and frontal shield red. (Variation of GGM.) -- 9B WNW Walter Lekēl Vētuboso -- (Wutrōw) Traditional story about a mother and daughter who go to the sea and catch a huge octopus. They kill it and take it home to bake it. The mother leaves the child to look after it while she goes to the garden to get some heliconia leaves to wrap the octopus in. While she is gone, the octopus comes to life and sings to the child that she is going to eat the two of them. When her mother returns they prepare to bake the octopus, but as they are about to put it in the stone oven, it grabs the mother and puts her in in its place. It tries to get the child too, but she runs away. When the girl returns with help, the octopus has baked her mother and escaped back to the sea. -- 9B-10A DWW Derek Wilton Wasag Story (modern variation, not traditional) (Not transcribed, cont. 200210.) -- All transcribed, but not time-aligned or translated. Month deduced from collection context; default day to conform to ISO standard.
Origination date 2002-07-01
Origination date free form
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Catriona Malau
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Language as given Vurës
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Region / village Vētuboso, Wasag
Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Catriona Malau
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
Roles Catriona Hyslop : recorder
Deres : speaker
Walter Lekel : speaker
Freda Lona Malau : speaker
Arthur Malvanvan : speaker
Derek Wilton : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56ED723266E1D
Cite as Catriona Malau (collector), Catriona Hyslop (recorder), Deres (speaker), Walter Lekel (speaker), Freda Lona Malau (speaker), Arthur Malvanvan (speaker), Derek Wilton (speaker), 2002. Vurës. MPEG/VND.WAV/PLAIN. CH1-200209 at
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CH1-200209-AATW.txt text/plain 9.89 KB
CH1-200209-B.mp3 audio/mpeg 29.2 MB 00:31:50.640
CH1-200209-B.wav audio/vnd.wav 1.03 GB 00:31:54.970
CH1-200209-BFRN.txt text/plain 9.33 KB
CH1-200209-BWNW.txt text/plain 21.6 KB
CH1-200209-DPD.txt text/plain 8.46 KB
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Collection Information
Collection ID CH1
Collection title Mosina (Mosin) (Vanuatu)
Description Collection of 11 audio tapes and 4 MDs containing recordings of various Vurës speakers. Most of these recordings have a transcript, and many are also time-aligned in Transcriber and glossed in Toolbox with English and Bislama translations.
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