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Title Vurës
Description 2A ASS 01:58 08.06.02 Andrew Bō Vētuboso Personal narrative about an occasion when the speaker went with his brother-in-law into the bush and they were surrounded by snakes. -- 2A DFF 07:07 08.06.02 Dudley Vētuboso Story (introduced, not traditional) about the flying fox. Describes how it has features of birds and features of animals, and is classified in the middle, between the two. -- 2A ESS 07:50 08.06.02 Emely Rēlin̄veg Qiat Vētuboso Traditional story about a sea snake. Every day two brothers go fishing by the sea while their parents go to work in their garden. Their parents told them which area they shouldn't go to, but they disobeyed and found two sea snake eggs, which they took and ate. When the sea snake found its eggs gone, it made a huge wave, which came and swept away the people and their houses and garden. -- 2A EWB 01:16 08.06.02 Emely Rēlin̄veg Qiat Vētuboso Procedural text describing how to weave a basket from a coconut leaf. -- 2A JTF 09:00 08.06.02 Jesse Rēlin̄ Gōrbē Vētuboso Traditional story about two friends who planned to go shooting together. One of them died, but the other was unaware, so he ended up going with the friend's ghost. The live friend got lots of meat but the ghost didn't get any, so he realised that he was a ghost. The ghost invited the other to dance with the other ghosts and showed him how to trick them that he was a ghost too. They could smell that he wasn't a ghost but he managed to trick them. When they finally realised, they chased him, but he just managed to get away. (Variation of BTB.) -- 2B RBH 02:15 15.06.02 Roy Wutōt Lōmegev Kipe Vētuboso Procedural text describing how to build a house. -- 2B RPT 01:59 15.06.02 Roy Kipe Vētuboso Procedural text describing how to plant a taro paddy. -- 2B RRS 05:12 15.06.02 Roy Kipe Vētuboso Route description of how to get to Sola airport from Vētuboso village. -- 2B RTF 04:37 15.06.02 Roy Kipe Vētuboso Storian blong Tōkeren mo faol -- 2B WRN 14:38 09.06.02 Welsam Segir Malau Qiat Vētuboso Traditional story about a rat and a swamphen from Tetgen. Each day they steal food from people's gardens. One day they go to the island of Qakē, the rat sitting on the swamphen's back. They destroy all the gardens there, until one day a man find's them out and traps the swamphen. The rat saves it, but then it flies back to Vanua Lava, abandoning the rat. An octopus then saves the rat, carrying it back on its back. However, as they go along, the rat laughs at the octopus as it changes colours. The octopus gets angry and sticks a she-oak needle in its behind to make a tail. In return the rat takes a piece of charcoal from a fire and throws it at the octopus, whereupon it sticks in its head. -- All transcribed, time-aligned, translated and glossed.
Origination date 2002-06-09
Origination date free form 2002-06-03 - 09
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Catriona Malau
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Language as given Vurës
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Region / village Vētuboso
Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Catriona Malau
Data Categories lexicon
primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type narrative
Roles Catriona Hyslop : recorder
Andrew Bo : speaker
Dudley : speaker
Emely Rēlin̄veg Qiat : speaker
Jesse Rēlin̄ Gōrbē : speaker
Welsam Segir Malau Qiat : speaker
Roy Wutot Lomegev Kipe : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56ED7209DC479
Cite as Catriona Malau (collector), Catriona Hyslop (recorder), Andrew Bo (speaker), Dudley (speaker), Emely Rēlin̄veg Qiat (speaker), Jesse Rēlin̄ Gōrbē (speaker), Welsam Segir Malau Qiat (speaker), Roy Wutot Lomegev Kipe (speaker), 2002. Vurës. MPEG/XML/VND.WAV/PLAIN. CH1-200202 at
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CH1-200202-B.wav audio/vnd.wav 981 MB 00:29:45.960
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Collection Information
Collection ID CH1
Collection title Mosina (Mosin) (Vanuatu)
Description Collection of 11 audio tapes and 4 MDs containing recordings of various Vurës speakers. Most of these recordings have a transcript, and many are also time-aligned in Transcriber and glossed in Toolbox with English and Bislama translations.
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