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Title A lazy husband story
Description There was a well-to-do family in a village. The couple of the family had a handsome boy. When he became adult his parents arranged a marriage for him with a beautiful girl from a nearby village. He didn't know anything about household affairs and responsibilities. He used to spend his time in leisurely activities and didn't have any idea about how to run a family. One day he lost his parents. So, day by day he became poorer and poorer since he didn't do any work. When his in-laws came to know about their plight they became very sorry and ashamed. One day the in-laws visited them with essential supplies for their meals. He felt ashamed because he didn't even have the minimum supplies at home for their meals. He didn't know what to do so kept mum. The daughter also felt ashamed and cried in a corner. Her husband didn't have courage to talk to his in-laws. When the mother gave her the supplied then she cooked for her parents and they all ate together. During the meal time the father-in-law just told him that if he didn't at least move his hands and legs he would have to live a life like that. This word struck him and he started thinking that he had really not been moving his hands and legs since long and decided to move them from next day. He couldn't sleep that night. Early next morning he went to a riverside and looked here and there just to find if there was someone. As he didn't see anyone he started moving his hands and legs and jumped a lot in the air with the hope that something might happen to his luck because his father-in-law told him so. Just a little away from him by the side of the river there were some thieves hiding and sharing the ornaments they had looted. They suddenly saw him and thought that many people were running towards them. They were frightened and ran away from that place leaving all their looting. He then ran towards them only to find a lot of gold ornaments and jewellery. He brought the jewellery home and pondered that his father-in-law was right to tell him to move his hands and legs. He thought that if he had moved his hands and legs since before he would have gained a lot of money. Duration 00.15.00. Speaker name Sanendra Basumatary. Location Bishmuri, Kokrajhar.
Origination date 2010-03-02
Origination date free form
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Prafulla Basumatary
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Region / village Bishmuri, Kokrajhar
Originating university University of Gauhati
Data Categories primary text
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Discourse type narrative
Roles Sanendra Basumatary : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56FFE2DF3D35F
Cite as Prafulla Basumatary (collector), Sanendra Basumatary (speaker), 2010. A lazy husband story. MPEG/VND.WAV. BRX1-2010030203 at
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Collection ID BRX1
Collection title Bodo narratives and descriptions of traditional practices
Description A collection of audio recordings of narratives (personal and traditional), descriptions of traditional practices and tools
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Prafulla Basumatary
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