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Title A story about season
Description There was an old couple. They had plenty of land but not a child. So they were unhappy. They worked hard as the others in the village did. In those days people didn't know how to count days and months. So, they used to count seasons according to the turn of agricultural crops. One season, the old farmer was not willing to till his land. He grew old and lazy. Other people in the village already started sowing their crops. Seeing that his wife insisted that he should also start cultivating without delay. But he was reluctant and wouldn't start to work. Meanwhile other people have already finished rice plantation for that season. When he was badly scolded by his wife he moved out to his field only to see that other people have already finished. He felt guilty and told his wife that they would starve. He got angry with the season for not waiting him. So, he decided to search, find him, beat him up if necessary and bring back so that he could plant rice in his field. His wife prepared and gave him enough food to carry along in the search of the season and warned him not to return till he found the season. So, he went along asking everyone he met about the season. But he didn't get a good response from anyone. So, he went on and on. At last, God was sympathetic to him and appeared before him in disguise of an ordinary man. God taught him what the season is all about and that it can't wait for anyone. Since the old farmer missed the season God asked him to go back home giving an idea. The idea was that he should visit others' field during harvesting time and enquire how many bundles of rice they could get that season. If they replied less than what they actually produced the difference in quantity would go to his granary. When he did according to God's advice that really worked out. So, he didn't lose any, instead gained. They were both very happy to realize that they were blessed by God for being truthful. From that incident they realized what the season was and that it can't wait anyone. They worked hard as they did before and in time and lived happily. Duration 00.21.10. Speaker name Prafulla Mochahari. Location Bishmuri, Kokrajhar.
Origination date 2010-03-01
Origination date free form
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Prafulla Basumatary
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Region / village Bishmuri, Kokrajhar
Originating university University of Gauhati
Data Categories primary text
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Discourse type narrative
Roles Prafulla Mochahari : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56FFE2CA7A2E6
Cite as Prafulla Basumatary (collector), Prafulla Mochahari (speaker), 2010. A story about season. MPEG/VND.WAV. BRX1-2010030102 at
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Collection ID BRX1
Collection title Bodo narratives and descriptions of traditional practices
Description A collection of audio recordings of narratives (personal and traditional), descriptions of traditional practices and tools
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Prafulla Basumatary
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