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Title A story about salt cultivation
Description An old couple had only one son. He was but a fool. Though he was a fool his parents loved him much. So, they gave him whatever he wanted to make him happy. They had all the things they needed in the family - cows, goats, etc. One day the son asked his father for a pair of cows to plough. He went to a forest and cleaned the jungle. People who saw him thought that he was a mad. He took the cows from his father and tilled the plot. People asked him what he was going to sow. He replied that he was going to sow 'salt'. People laughed at him. He asked for salt from his father. He got it and sowed it in the field. The grass grew taller and taller. He thought that he would harvest a bumper crop of salt. One day he discovered that his field was damaged by some animals. He examined the footmarks and concluded that it must be the rice crushing tools from a nearby village. He went the village taking his long knife and cautioned each and every family to tie their rice crushing tools immediately or else face his anger. They all obeyed him. That night he waited and watched his field. He found out that an animal was eating his salt plants. He went near to it cautiously and caught it by the tail. The elephant got startled, blowed its trumpet and flew to the heaven. He found himself at the doors of a king. He demanded whose animal it was and why should that damage his crops. The king realized that the elephant did something wrong on the earth. The king gave him some gold coins and sent him back to the earth. He became rich. People thought that he became rich from the salt cultivation. They wanted to follow his advice and become rich like him. Once they all went to the field at night and waited till the elephant came there to go to the heaven. They really found that the elephant was there. So, they formed a string of people, moved near to it cautiously and caught by the tail. The elephant flew upwards, but lo! they fell from above and all died leaving their family members in sorrow. Duration 00.21.50. Speaker Prafulla Mochahari. Location Bishmuri, Kokrajhar
Origination date 2010-03-01
Origination date free form
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Prafulla Basumatary
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Region / village Bishmuri, Kokrajhar
Originating university University of Gauhati
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type narrative
Roles Prafulla Mochahari : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56FFE2C490A33
Cite as Prafulla Basumatary (collector), Prafulla Mochahari (speaker), 2010. A story about salt cultivation . MPEG/VND.WAV. BRX1-2010030101 at
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Collection ID BRX1
Collection title Bodo narratives and descriptions of traditional practices
Description A collection of audio recordings of narratives (personal and traditional), descriptions of traditional practices and tools
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Prafulla Basumatary
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