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Title Audio texts and other materials in Torau (Oceanic).
Description Audio texts and other materials in Torau (Oceanic). Torau is spoken by 1200 individuals in four villages (Rorovana 1, Rorovana 2, Tarara, Vito) on central east coast of Bougainville north of Arawa/Kieta.
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Bill Palmer
Originating university University of Newcastle
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Region / village Rorovana 1, Rorovana 2, Tarara, Vito, Autonomous Region of Bougainville
DOI 10.4225/72/56E823FBCDACD
Cite as Bill Palmer (collector), 1970. Audio texts and other materials in Torau (Oceanic).. Collection BP1 at [Open Access].
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Bill Palmer
Claire Turner
Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access details Moral ownership of the material resides with individual speakers for each audio and other text, and with the Torau community.

Speakers recorded or interviewed by Palmer each signed a form giving permission for the material to be made public. The heirs of deceased speakers in old recordings gave verbal permission for the recordings to be made available to the public. The attitude of the Torau community in general appears to welcome publication of the deposited materials.

There are no special conditions attached to the deposited material.
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001 Henry Tioni on Torau Customs and Traditions View
002 Uncle Lebo's Story or Oral History on Torau People View
003 Torau Ways Story View
004 Torau Migration Story View
005 World War II Story View
006 Komakomasa Enelela Story View
007 Oseoseloloana Story View
008 Flying Fox and Sea Eagle Story View
009 Sugiaiworo Story View
010 Tapi Samasama Story View

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