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Title Malakulan language materials
Description Malakulan language materials
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Aviva MPI Shimelman
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E97A34A45CE
Cite as Aviva MPI Shimelman (collector), 2015. Malakulan language materials. Collection ASMPI at [Open Access].
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Alawo001 Description of childhood sports View
Alawo002 Kastom history - origin of a nakamal View
Alawo003 Pesonal history - namangi View
Alawo004 Description of "cultural" practice - house-building View
Alawo006 Description of "cultural" practice - burial of the dead View
Alawo007 Description of traditional technique/knowledge - crving tamtams View
Alawo008 Kastom history - villages of Wowo View
Alawo009 Song - tamtams, pigs View
Alawo010 Song - tamtams, pigs View
Alawo011 Story/history - Massacre of a village View

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