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Collection ID AS2
Title Fijian (Fiji)
Description Recordings of Fijian (Fiji) regional dialects, also includes notes on a variety of topics. Villages are identified by three names, in this order: yasana ‘province’, tikina ‘district’, koro ‘village.’
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Albert Schütz
Operator Emily Bartelson
Originating university University of Hawaii at Manoa
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E823C306222
Cite as Albert Schütz (collector), 1961. Fijian (Fiji). Collection AS2 at [Open Access].
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001 Naitasiri; Wainimala; Naivucini; Naitauvoli View
002 Râ ; Rakiraki; Vatukacevaceva; Narara (?Narârâ) View
003 Râ ; Rakiraki; Navuavua; Vatukacevaceva View
004 Navuavua View
005 Naitasiri; Wainimala; Naitauvoli; Nuku View

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