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Collection ID AP4
Title Kalam language collection
Description Recordings of the Kalam language collected from 1963-1980 by Andrew Pawley.
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Andrew Pawley
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.26278/HJVT-5A07
Cite as Andrew Pawley (collector), 1963. Kalam language collection. Collection AP4 at [Other Access].
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Edit access Nick Thieberger
Jasmin Isobe
Tina Gregor
Darja Hoenigman
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001 Narratives, discussions View
002 Recordings of songs, narratives, kinship terms View
003 Singsing - Blm Smi View
004 Tape 23: Kibum at Simbai View
005 Tape 24: Singing at Kayong View
006 Tape 25: Smi at Aur View
007 Tape 26: Songs at Abaman and Gobnem plus discussion of reptiles View
008 Tape 27: Night noises, singing, discussion at Mt Hagen, voting in Garoka View
009 Tape 32: Narratives View
010 Tape 33: Narratives and concert for last night at Gobnem View

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