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Title Multiple languages, PNG etc (rename)
Description Side 1:
• Seseli (Mid Banir R.)
Kukukuku initiation text
• Maralanggka (Maralangko?) -
(mid Watut) myth (MN)
• Jeruje Myth (with Pidgin
translation) (Kukukuku). Sounds like speaker is saying [Jahojei]. Possibly also a language of the Watut river area. Vocabulary to show sound distinctions and phonetics
• 3 texts in Bentseng (Lower
Watut) (MN). (AKA Tshetsie). Stories told in Bentseng with some Pidgin & German from the recorder (German is translated in the elan file).
(Tamil can be erased)
• Latvian
• Maori

Note in AC Report by Peter J.F Newton 19th May 1995:

A small hand-drawn map is also in box. It identifes places on
Banir and Watut Rivers.
The Papuan language Silisili, Middle Banir River, Morobe
Province, PNG.
= Maralango, Austronesian language on south bank of middle
Watut River, Morobe Province, PNG.
Possibly the same language as first entry on this card.

Austronesian languages on Lower Watut River are Silisili (west
bank) and Wampar (left and right banks). Bentseng is on the left
Check if erased.
Baltic language.
Georgian? suggested on box (check).

Tape 422, side 1. Sesili and Maralanggka (Maralangko?) languages.
58.50 End of archive tape. Tape 422, side 1 is continued on the next archive tape.
00.00 AIATSIS announcement. Tape 422, side 1 continued. Jeyuje story with Pidgin translation. Texts in Bentseng.
Tamil grammar. Maori.
35.20 End of Tape 422.

AIATSIS identifier: A16645-16646
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Origination date free form no date given
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Arthur Capell
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Language as given Seseli, Maralianggka, Jeruje (w/ Tok Pisin translation), Bentseng
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Region / village
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Nick Fowler-Gilmore
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
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Roles Arthur Capell : recorder
DOI 10.4225/72/5890a6847d6c3
Cite as Arthur Capell (collector), Arthur Capell (recorder). Multiple languages, PNG etc (rename). X-WAV/MPEG/TIFF/JPEG/XML. AC1-422 at
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Collection ID AC1
Collection title Arthur Capell recording collection
Description Recordings from a wide range of languages across South-east Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.
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