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Title Viennese (B.Schebeck)
Description Viennese (B.Schebeck)

Newton's list comments: Box note states 'Viennese 138.'

Archive tape info: Field Tape 034, side 1. Viennese recorded by B. Schebeck.
49.18 End of Field Tape 034, side 1 and end of archive tape. Side 2 of FT is blank.

AIATSIS Identifier- A16576
Origination date
Origination date free form no date given
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Arthur Capell
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Language as given Viennese
Subject language(s)
Content language(s)
Dialect Viennese German
Region / village
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
Roles B. Schebeck : recorder
DOI 10.4225/72/583d97ff0b617
Cite as Arthur Capell (collector), B. Schebeck (recorder). Viennese (B.Schebeck). MPEG/VND.WAV/JPEG/TIFF. AC1-034 at
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AC1-034-A.mp3 audio/mpeg 13.2 MB 00:14:25.775
AC1-034-A.wav audio/vnd.wav 476 MB 00:14:25.759
AC1-034-IMG_01.jpg image/jpeg 1.02 MB
AC1-034-IMG_01.tif image/tiff 28.6 MB
AC1-034-IMG_02.jpg image/jpeg 1.22 MB
AC1-034-IMG_02.tif image/tiff 28.6 MB
AC1-034-IMG_03.jpg image/jpeg 1.16 MB
AC1-034-IMG_03.tif image/tiff 28.6 MB
AC1-034-IMG_04.jpg image/jpeg 1.16 MB
AC1-034-IMG_04.tif image/tiff 28.6 MB
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Collection Information
Collection ID AC1
Collection title Arthur Capell recording collection
Description Recordings from a wide range of languages across South-east Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.
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Edit access Amanda Harris
Julia Colleen Miller
Lauren Booker
Jodie Kell
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