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Title Recorded from Radio (Lebanese Arabic)
Description Side A: Recordings in <Naasioi>? [unretrievable] language, first of all The Lord's Prayer.
Lord's prayer reading
The Apostle's Creed
Reading of the Apostle's Creed
The prayer book page 217, the 15th chapter of St Luke.
Reading of prayer book
Kilinailau language of the Carteret Islands. The boys and the coconuts.
Oration of The boys and the coconuts
The Taiof language. The boys and the coconuts
Orations of The boys and the coconuts
Rotokas language: Story of the boys and the coconuts
Story oration

Side B: Radio broadcast begins - music plays.
Music ends - someone begins to speak
Oration - likely in Lebanese Arabic
Different voice - speaking in what is likely Lebanese Arabic
English voice explaining radio program 'The Voice of Lebanon' - radio program in Arabic language
Oration in Lebanese Arabic
Oration continues
Recorded on the 29th of September, 1960.

Paper slip on tape says: Recorded from Radio -
1. ?
2. ?
3. Lebanese Arabic

Newton's list comment:
Box note (not in Capell's hand) confirms card details but items 1 and 2 are not identified.
Minor crushing at start of tape

Archive tape info:
Field Tape 017, side 1. Prayers and bible readings.
21.48 End of Field Tape 017, side 1.
Field Tape 017, side 2. Recorded off the radio. Lebanese Arabic, broadcast in Australia on 29th September, 1960.
26.22 End of Tape 017, side 2.

AIATSIS identifier- A16571
Old Identifier- FT017
Origination date 1960-09-29
Origination date free form
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Arthur Capell
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Language as given Lebanese Arabic
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Region / village
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
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DOI 10.4225/72/583d97f9851d7
Cite as Arthur Capell (collector), 1960. Recorded from Radio (Lebanese Arabic). EAF+XML/MPEG/VND.WAV/JPEG/TIFF. AC1-017 at
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Collection ID AC1
Collection title Arthur Capell recording collection
Description Recordings from a wide range of languages across South-east Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe.
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