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Collection ID AA4
Title Ma'anyan narratives
Description Narratives (traditional stories, tales) in Ma'anyan
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Alexander Adelaar
Operator Nicholas Thieberger
Originating university University of Melbourne
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Region / village texts recorded in the area in and around Tamiang Layang
DOI 10.4225/72/56E979455A05E
Cite as Alexander Adelaar (collector), 2005. Ma'anyan narratives. Collection AA4 at [Open Access].
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Alexander Adelaar
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Data access details narratives and oral history recorded in Ma'anyan, a language spoken in the South East Barito area in Central and South Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).
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001 Ape anri Silo'e; Tanuhui kawawe anri kumumuai batamin nempat View
002 Traditional stories View
003 Putiri Layo Lansir Kuning View
004 Putri Linga Wulan Layo + flute playing View
005 Traditional stories View
006 Si Pasungan, Gajah Mada, Wawei mawine jari tamako View
007 Kura' duan Kuyuk View
008 Hi Ramanis View
009 Cerita iman Kura' duan iman Kijak View
010 Kisah Hi Gayuhan View

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