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Collection ID AA2
Title Recordings of Embaloh (Indonesia)
Description Collection of narratives recorded in Embaloh (Indonesia)
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Alexander Adelaar
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E7A72C2FDD5
Cite as Alexander Adelaar (collector), 1989. Recordings of Embaloh (Indonesia). Collection AA2 at [Open Access].
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Alexander Adelaar
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001 'Ule'-ule'an i Lang Kibo' and 'Ule'-ule'an Baki' Antu Langke' (by Pak Lowe) View
002 Baranangis + The history of Baki' Reang (by Piang Teba') View
003 Continuation of 'Ule'-ule'an Titilong' till end + 'Ule'-ule'an Ma' Malui' View
004 second part of 'Ule'-ule'an Simamangso nana limang tompok ukit' by Pauma's mother +'Piang Ambung' = rice myth story told by Pauma's father View
005 First part 'Ule'-ule'an Titilong' (by Baki' Teba) View
006 'Ule'-ule'an Simamangso nana limang tompok ukit' (by Pauma's mother), First part View
007 'Ule'-ule'an si Papalanduk' (by Baki' Teba) + first part of 'Ule'-ule'an Ulak-ulak' View
008 second part of 'Ule'-ule'an Ulak-Ulak' (by Piang Teba) View
009 Last part story 'Piang Ambung' (= Rice myth story told by Pauma's father) + ? story by Pak Lowe View
010 Last part 'Ule'-ule'an Ulak-ulak' (by Piang Teba) View

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