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AC2-VNEFAT206 Nguna vocabulary Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efatese) Vanuatu 1 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT207 Notes on Tongoa language Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT208 Nguna relationship terms by W. V. Milne Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efatese) Vanuatu 8 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT210 Letter to Dr. Miller inquiring into North Efate dialects and Makura Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate), Tongoan (North Efate), Sesake (North Efate), Makura (Namkura), Mae (Emae) Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT211 Nguna grammatical notes Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate) Vanuatu 11 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT212 A list of publications in the Nguna language Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate) Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT201 Efatese vocabulary Arthur Capell Efatese Vanuatu 26 2016-04-07 View
AC2-VSEFAT301 Notebook containing information about Efate and other South Vanuatu languages Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate), Emwae (Emae), Fila-Mele, Futuna, Aniwa, Tanna, Efate Vanuatu 68 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT305 Nguna/Tongoa text Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate), Tongoa Vanuatu 3 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT306 Prodigal son text in Efate Arthur Capell Efate Vanuatu 4 2017-03-24 View
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