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Title Mali (Baining) Texts
Description Texts in Mali (mixture of spoken and written narratives) with glossing and translation
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Tonya Stebbins
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/5f7dd8017bd26
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Tonya Stebbins
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2001BeKu01 Wallaby and dog View
2001ChTa01 Mother went to the garden View
2001ChTa02 Amesmeski View
2001FiLe01 Wordlist View
2001FiLe02 Aibika View
2001HeLe02 Duraikini nge nema vlemga View
2001JsTa01 Early bird and parrot View
2001JsTa02 Galip nuts View
2001JsTa03 Wordlist View
2001JsTa04 Rooster and wallaby View
2001JsTa05 Boat capsizing View
2001Wdlist01 Wordlist for elicitation View
2002AgGe01 Dear Rosemary View
2002AmNg01 Peter the thief View
2002AnLe01 Story about the crocodile and the man View
2002Anon01 Ai Jesu View
2002Anon02 PNG National Anthem View
2002Anon03 Adamga's three songs View
2002Anon04 Siracha's two songs View
2002Anon05 Aguaremgi's two songs View
2002Anon06 Ladevethacha's two songs View
2002Anon07 The two achevechas' three songs View
2002Anon08 Amechelingga's three songs View
2002Anon09 Gerkachena's three songs View
2002Anon10 The two awalenggas' three songs View
2002Anon11 Firedancers' songs View
2002Anon14 Feast songs: Guest songs View
2002Anon15 Feast songs: Hosts' songs View
2002Anon16 The frog's cry View
2002Anon17 A man carries his fish from the river View
2002Anon18 The cassowary View
2002Anon19 The prawn and the small mouthed fish View
2002Anon20 The flying fox drinks from the sea View
2002Anon21 Two brothers go hunting with their dogs View
2002Anon22 The flying fox View
2002Anon23 The lamerain tree View
2002Anon24 The fish that jumps out of the water View
2002AtAi01 Journey to Karong View
2002AuKu01 Story about Anton and David View
2002BaKu01 Story about Dominicus Nguthekgelembem View
2002BaLe01 Story about the fool View
2002BaSe01 Story about the dog and the turtle View
2002BeKu01 Story about Lukas Muaden View
2002BeKu02 Eagle and hawk View
2002BeLe01 Journey to a workshop View
2002BeMe01 King of the birds View
2002BeMe02 Wasp sings View
2002BeMe03 Story about the other people, Malis who call themselves the grandchildren of the goddess View
2002BeNa01 Fishing along the shore View
2002BrSe01 Story about the wizard and his wife View
2002ChNe01 Story about Madung, Bager and their two wives View
2002ChVa01 Story about two buffaloes who fought with each other View
2002CoNu01 Make salt View
2002EmKu01 Story about the fool and the hero View
2002FdKu01 Hunting in the bush View
2002FiLe01 Grandmother View
2002FrLe01 Story about the crocodile and the eagle View
2002FrSe01 Story about the carrier who killed a Japanese man during the war View
2002FsKu01 Catch birds View
2002GaVl01 Huge fire and Tolais View
2002GaVl02 Conversation View
2002GaVl03 Abusive wife View
2002GeKu01 Man fight with pig View
2002GeNu01 Story about the wallaby and the dog View
2002GeSe01 Story about how the small people rolled a stone at Peter View
2002HeLe01 Kelaman and the pig View
2002HeMe01 Underground people View
2002HeMe02 Butams and Bainings View
2002hymnpray01 Hymns and prayers front parts View
2002hymnpray02 Hymns View
2002hymnpray03 Prayers View
2002Invi01 Invitation View
2002JoNg01 Story about the heroes View
2002JoUr01 The fly and the cassowary View
2002JrTa01 The theft of the fire View
2002JsTa04 Three poems View
2002JsTa05 Marriage customs View
2002JsTa06 Elopement View
2002JsTa07 Man dog and pig View
2002JsTa18 The man and the turtle View
2002JuSe01 Who was the cause? Who's responsible? View
2002JuSe02 A feast View
2002Ko_Kl01 Story about the crocodile that they killed at Karong View
2002LeKa01 Wizard man and wife View
2002LoJa01 Story about Kapelagu View
2002MaGe01 Story about the chicken and the bush hen View
2002MaIn01 Couple story View
2002MaPa01 The cat and the rat View
2002RaVm01 Story about the cuscus View
2002RoRe01 Story about the chicken hawk and the hen View
2002SiIn01 Two men kill wizard View
2002SPELL01 Spelling guide for Mali language View
2002StNg01 Early bird and parrot View
2002ThKu01 Interview View
2002TiLe01 Story about the mother and her son View
2002Unknown01 Earlybird stories View
2002Unknown02 Earlybird stories View
2004hymnpray01 Mali prayer and hymn book View
2004stories01 Community book front parts View
2004stories02 Foreword to stories View
2004STORIES03 Stories and songs from the village View
2006AnKu01 Earlybird stories View
2006Anon01 War song chain View
2006Anon02 Kavat song chain View
2006Anon03 Putpuetmet anget mambu View
2006Anon04 Fire dance extended chains View
2006Anon05 Fire dance intro song View
2006Anon06 Women's night dance songs 1 View
2006Anon07 Women's night dance songs 2 View
2006Anon08 Putpuetmet anget mambu View
2006CeKu01 Earlybird stories View
2006ChSe01 Wordlist View
2006ChSe02 Wordlist View
2006FrLe01 Earlybird stories View
2006GaKu01 Earlybird stories View
2006GoNa01 Earlybird stories View
2006JoNg01 Earlybird stories View
2006JuKe01 Wordlist View
2006LoJa01 Wordlist View
2006MiSe01 Wordlist View
2006MiSe02 Wordlist View
2006MiSe03 Wordlist View
2006NiBu01 Wordlist View
2006PeSa01 Earlybird stories View
2006RoNo01 Wordlist View
2006Wdlist01 Wordlist for elicitation View
2007Puzz01 Mali word puzzles View
2012dict01 Dictionary front parts View
2012dict02 Preface to dictionary View
2012dict03 Mali (Baining) dictionary View

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