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Title Te Vairanga Tuatua o te Te Reo Māori o te Pae Tonga: Cook Islands Māori (Southern dialects)
Description Te Vairanga Tuatua o te Te Reo Māori o te Pae Tonga: Collection of language examples in Cook Islands Māori (Southern dialects).

A linguistic description of Cook Islands Māori can be found at This collection comprises material collected during the writing of this PhD at the University of Auckland and continues now under the collector's position at Massey University.

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Sally Akevai Nicholas (2018). Language Contexts: Te Reo Māori o te Pae Tonga o te Kuki Airani also known as Southern Cook Islands Māori. In Peter K. Austin & Lauren Gawne (eds) Language Documentation and Description, vol 15. London: EL Publishing. pp. 36-64

Many of the items in this collection are tagged as including New Zealand Māori (mir). These items contain only incidental amounts of New Zealand Māori.

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Sally Akevai Nicholas
Originating university Auckland University
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Region / village Rarotonga, Mauke, Cook Islands Diaspora in New Zealand.
DOI 10.4225/72/56E9793466307
Cite as Sally Akevai Nicholas (collector), 2012. Te Vairanga Tuatua o te Te Reo Māori o te Pae Tonga: Cook Islands Māori (Southern dialects) . Collection SN1 at [Open Access].
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Sally Akevai Nicholas
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EStudentsG20120927 CIM101 Pukapuka'anga Elicitation G View
EStudentsH20120927 CIM101 Pukapuka'anga Elicitation H View
ETauRongo20160414HSBNWS Tauraki Raea Rongo: The North Wind and the Sun View
ETauRongo20160414HSBSentences Tauraki Raea Rongo: The Sentences View
ETauRongo20160414HSBWordStress Tauraki Raea Rongo: Word stress reading list View
ETerangiNikoraUoA20120202 Terangi Nikora February 2012 View
ETerangiNikoraUoAA20120411 Terangi Nikora April 2012 A View
ETerangiNikoraUoAB20120411 Terangi Nikora April 2012 B View
ETerangiNikoraUoAC20120411 Terangi Nikora April 2012 C View
ETerangiNikoraUoAMamaK20120202 Mama Kareni Mānea View

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