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Title Wambaya fieldnote book (2)
Description This notebook corresponds to the following tapes:

Field Tape 2.1: N02-007 to N02-019
Field Tape 2.2: N02-020 to N02-031;
and maybe N02-032 to N02-033
Field Tape 2.3: N02-037 to N02-050;
and maybe N02-032 to N02-033
Field Tape 2.4: N02-034 to N02-036
Field Tape 2.8: N02-051
Field Tape 3.1: N02-108;
and maybe N02-109 to N02-111

The tapes may no longer exist for the following pages:
N02-052 to N02-057 (from 17/3/1992)
N02-058 to N02-081 (from 18/3/1992)
N02-082 to N02-084 (from 19/3/1992)
N02-085 to N02-090 (from 18/3/1992)
N02-091 to N02-092 (from 20/3/1992)
N02-093 to N02-097 (from 18/3/1992)
N02-097 to N02-104 (from 19/3/1992)
N02-105 to N02-106
N02-106 to N02-107 (from 21/3/1992)
N02-111 to N02-112 (from 19/3/1992)
N02-113 to N02-128
N02-129 to N02-133 (from 2/4/1992)
N02-134 to N02-149 (from 3/4/1992)
N02-050 to N02-154 (from 6/4/1992)
N02-154 to N02-155 (from 8/4/1992)
N02-156 to N02-164

Pages with 'copy' in the name are photocopies of the original field notes with additional annotation by Rachel Nordlinger.
Origination date 1991-06-01
Origination date free form June 1991 - April 1992
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Rachel Nordlinger
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Language as given Wambaya
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Region / village Elliott and Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
Originating university University of Melbourne
Operator Kate Charlwood
Data Categories primary text
Data Types StillImage
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DOI 10.4225/72/5a8ae68011687
Cite as Rachel Nordlinger (collector), 1991. Wambaya fieldnote book (2). JPEG/TIFF. RN1-N02 at
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RN1-N02-051.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
RN1-N02-052.jpg image/jpeg 563 KB
RN1-N02-052.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
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RN1-N02-053.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
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RN1-N02-055.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
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RN1-N02-057.jpg image/jpeg 345 KB
RN1-N02-057.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
RN1-N02-058.jpg image/jpeg 562 KB
RN1-N02-058.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
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RN1-N02-059.tif image/tiff 6.41 MB
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Collection Information
Collection ID RN1
Collection title Wambaya, Gudanji
Description Cassettes recorded between 1991 and 1994 by Rachel Nordlinger, documenting Wambaya (primarily) and Gudanji, Northern Territory, Australia.
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Edit access Amanda Harris
Jasmin Isobe
Kate Charlwood
Rachel Nordlinger
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