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Collection ID P130_19
Title Recordings by Professor A P Elkin
Description These tapes are held in the Fisher Library Archives, Uni of Sydney. Boxes 134-139. P.130 Personal Archives of Professor A P Elkin Series 19 Audio tapes This is not a comprehensive item list as not all the tapes had descriptions of what was on them. Therefore their item number is omitted from the list. 1 to 31 Miscellaneous audio tapes Boxes 134-135 (Assessed 2010-10-24)
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A.P. Elkin
Originating university University of Sydney
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E975D8724EB
Cite as A.P. Elkin (collector), 1900. Recordings by Professor A P Elkin. Collection P130_19 at [Open Access].
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000 P3153 3 View
01 2/2/1, Elkin 31 View
02 2/2/2, Elkin 32 [seh only] View
03 2/2/3 Elkin 33 View
04 2/2/4 Elkin 34 View
05 2/2/5, Elkin 35 View
06 2/2/6, Elkin 36 View
07 2/2/7 Elkin 37 View
08 2/2/8 Elkin 38 View
09 2/2/9 Elkin 39 View

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