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Title South Efate pictures.
Description South Efate pictures. Photos resulting from fieldwork in Erakor village, South Efate, mainly plant identification photos.
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Nick Thieberger
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E975B149C8D
Cite as Nick Thieberger (collector), 1997. South Efate pictures.. Collection NT4 at [Open Access].
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02 houses in Erakor View
03 going away party View
04 going away party View
05 going away party View
06 Kalsarap holding a rake (nkur) made from the tree of the same name. View
1_03 Yokopeth View
1_04 Apu and Limas reading book and dictionary View
1_05 Nick Wayane being held by an unknown young woman View
1_06 Metu Josef View
1_07 Faina View
1_08 nkari View
1_09 banana? View
1_10 nkau View
1_11 nanrmen pot View
1_12 nanrmen swit View
1_13 natp̃aupis View
1_14 nkari View
1_15 naulalas View
1_16 naisig View
1_17 nait View
1_18 nagrof View
1_19 nagrof View
1_20 namtamiel View
1_21 napukmokul View
1_22 nakfakof View
1_23 ntaul pram View
1_24 nanrm̃anipun View
1_25 nam̃elfermkal View
1_26 nam̃er View
1_27 nakur View
1_28 narka View
1_29 nalik View
1_30 nanra View
1_31 nmalmil View
1_32 nkem View
1_33 nma View
1_34 nayam View
1_35 togtogm̃it View
1_36 tag View
1_37 tagmetkes View
1_38 nkaspaulep View
2_00 nam̃ermra View
2_01 John Maklen tying bananas to stick View
2_02 Wiliam garden View
2_03 John Maklen carrying bananas on stick over back View
2_04 nafrofur sa View
2_05 plant, small plant with purple flower View
2_06 Estella in kitchen, grating coconut View
2_07 kitchen View
2_08 William's family View
2_09 William's family View
2_10 Kalsarur Nawen View
2_11 dictionary workshop View
2_12 dictionary workshop View
2_13 dictionary workshop View
2_14 dictionary workshop View
2_15 ntal nafum̃kas View
2_16 palsmin View
2_17 clamshell medallion View
2_18 ntaligkusu View
2_19 nam̃les View
2_20 ntap̃aun View
2_21 namir View
2_22 nafanu View
2_23 ntalitas View
2_24 natot View
2_25 namgar View
2_26 kalus View
2_27 nap̃ View
2_28 nagitpar View
2_29 naipir View
2_30 nmariu View
2_31 narwaro View
2_32 laktao View
2_33 napenr View
2_34 naar waro View
2_35 nakmau View
2_36 nkasnial View
2_37 natret View
2_38 nainom View
2935 Klet View
2936 Aal View
2937 Kramtig View
2938 Nalag View
3_00 nainom View
3_01 nmariwenr View
3_02 makos View
3_03 ntalifam View
3_04 fanikoro View
3_05 tap̃ir View
3_06 nkas mel View
3_07 Photographs of plants: natp̃olnra View
3_08 Photographs of plants: kauri View
3_09 Photographs of plants: nasulop View
3_10 Photographs of plants: napukror View
3_11 Photographs of plants: nanrm̃a View
3_12 Photographs of plants: naplip View
3_13 Photographs of plants: nafil sanr View
3_14 Photographs of plants: nam̃ir ni eut View
3_15 Photographs of plants: napri View
3_16 Photographs of plants: tree outside clinic overlooking the steps View
3_17 Etmat bay View
3_18 Photographs of plants: napum̃alom View
3_19 Photographs of plants: tap̃uerkot View
3_20 Photographs of plants: mpak m̃aum̃au View
3_21 Photographs of plants: nakser View
3_22 Photographs of plants: Unidentified plant View
3_23 Photographs of plants: nametal View
3_24 Photographs of plants: rowat View
3_25 Photographs of plants: faresor View
3_26 Photographs of plants: nmaslesil View
3_27 Photographs of plants: Unidentified plant View
3_28 Photographs of plants: nser View
3_29 Photographs of plants: natu View
3_30 Photographs of plants: nakrok View
3_31 Photographs of plants: tatakal View
3_32 Photographs of plants: nmarit mat View
3_33 Photographs of plants: naliel View
3_34 Photographs of plants: nakompak View
3_35 Photographs of plants: namgalgal View
3_36 Photographs of plants: nfa ni Epi, nfamiel, nfapram, nfaliu View
3_37 nm̃alm̃ol View
3_38 namkanr View
4_01 namkanr View
4_02 nm̃al View
4_03 leaf and plant (unknown) View
4_04 napel & napum View
4_05 Manuel Wayane View
4_06 tataras View
4_07 naswaf View
4_08 naklak View
4_09 natog m̃it & nkas m̃ulm̃ul View
4_10 nap̃rairei View
4_11 nagi View
4_12 leskes View
4_13 nariwak View
4_14 nafilsanr View
4_15 Kalsarap and Nick View
4_17 Ekasufat View
4_18 Ekasufat View
4_19 Efatrae View
4_20 Em̃lenap̃erik View
4_21 track where nap̃erik jumped down View
4_22 oaktree and footprint in foreground View
4_23 Epul View
4_24 lagoon side, Elakmarik (?) View
A_08 Toukolau and house View
A_10 Tame Kalsarap View
A_11 Nmak Kalmet Kalmatapil View
A_12 Silas Kalfap̃un View
A_13 Kali Kalopog's house View
A_19 view over Erakor island (Eraniao) from the top of the steps View
B_04 passionfruit flower View
B_05 passionfruit flower View
B_13 Council court hearing View
B_14 Council court hearing View
B_24 pottery sherds View
B_35 plant View
B_36 plant View
B_37 plant View
B_38 plant View
B_39 plant (unidentified) View
bananas bananas labeled View
DICTWSHOP Images from the dictionary workshop in Erakor Village, September 2015 View
DICTWSHOP2016 Dictionary workshop in Erakor in May 2017 View
DICTWSHOP2017 Dictionary workshop in Erakor in July 2017 View
endis Endis Kalsarap View
genesis genesis View
KALLON John Kallon View
KNLimas Kalsarap and Limas View
Limok Limok View
MAKLEN John Maklen View
MISMAI Mismai View
natumau Natumau, a yam type [image] View
smcrae Shirley MCrae View
sope sope View
TOUKOLAU Toukolau Takau in her house, 2015 View
vilabig vilabig View

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