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Collection ID KVP1
Title Daakaka storyboard data
Description Storyboard elicitations Daakaka
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Kilu von Prince
Originating university
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DOI 10.26278/MQ7J-3A52
Cite as Kilu von Prince (collector), 2017. Daakaka storyboard data. Collection KVP1 at [Other Access].
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Edit access Kilu von Prince
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Items in Collection (40)

Item Title Actions
SB_Daakaka_Tamat_Mata Storyboard elicitation "Tomato and Pumpkin" 3 View
SB_Daakaka_Tamat_Seebu Storyboard elicitation "Tomato and Pumpkin" 4 View
SB_Daakaka_TomPuskat_Angela Storyboard elicitation "Tom and Mittens" 1 View
SB_Daakaka_TomPuskat_Filip Storyboard elicitation "Tom and Mittens" 2 View
SB_Daakaka_TomPuskat_Mata Storyboard elicitation "Tom and Mittens" 3 View
SB_Daakaka_TomPuskat_Seebu Storyboard elicitation "Tom and Mittens" 4 View
SB_Daakaka_Woodchopper_Angela Storyboard elicitation "The Woodchopper" 1 View
SB_Daakaka_Woodchopper_Filip Storyboard elicitation "The Woodchopper" 2 View
SB_Daakaka_Woodchopper_Mata Storyboard elicitation "The Woodchopper" 3 View
SB_Daakaka_Woodchopper_Seebu Storyboard elicitation "The Woodchopper" 4 View

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