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Title Field Methods ANU 2021 Kufa
Description Recordings from the 2021 field methods class at the Australian National University.

The collection was made possible through the hard work of Haroun Kafi, please cite this collection as:

Matthew J. Carroll (collector), Haroun Kafi (speaker). 2020. Field Methods ANU 2021 Kufa. Collection KCP1 at [Open Access].
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Mae Carroll
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.26278/6T8E-ZQ23
Cite as Mae Carroll (collector), 2020. Field Methods ANU 2021 Kufa. Collection KCP1 at [Open Access].
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Edit access Mae Carroll
Tina Gregor
Shubo Li
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20210303_CL1 First Class Session View
20210303_CL2 Class Session - Body Parts View
20210303_G1 Kin, landscpae and habitation terms View
20210303_G2 Verbs and Kin View
20210303_G3 Kin Terms 2 View
20210304_CL1 Class Session - Body Parts 2 View
20210304_CL2 Class Session - Body Parts 3 View
20210304_G4 Nature and time View
20210304_G5 Animals View
20210304_G6 Greetings and Animals View
20210308_G5 Interrogative and Numbers View
20210310_CL1 Friends and people View
20210310_G1_01 Motion verb "go" View
20210310_G1_02 Kin Terms, adjectives and plurals View
20210311_CL2 Prepositions View
20210311_G3 Personal names, kin and geneology View
20210311_G6 Paradigms of simple transitive and intransitive verbs and pronouns View
20210312_G2 Emotions, Verbs, and some Vowels View
20210312_G4 Weather and verb conjugation View
20210315_G1_01 Kin terms, plurals, simple sentences View
20210315_G1_02 Habitation terms, transitive sentences View
20210315_G5 Wh questions View
20210318_CL1 Village description View
20210318_CL2 Semantic roles in simple sentences View
20210318_G6 Paradigms of simple transitive and intransitive verbs and pronouns in past time reference View
20210319_G2 Describing locations and origins View
20210319_G4 Verbs and tenses View
20210322_G1_01 Motion and some transitive verbs. View
20210322_G1_02 Plural terms and sentences View
20210322_G5 Verbs and tenses View
20210325_CL1 Kisra View
20210325_CL2 Re-recording words and geographic features View
20210325_G3 Story about Haroun's Maternal Grandmonther View
20210325_G6 Elicitation of verbs and tense/aspect View
20210326_G2 Times of day, numbers, year View
20210326_G4 Verbs and clauses View
20210331_G1_01 Motion verbs, items for lexical entries View
20210331_G1_02 Number modifiers in sentences, lexical item View
20210331_G3 Elicitation of hit and object forms View
20210331_G6 Object pronoun paradigm and a few verbs View
20210401_CL1 Annotation of text about gods View
20210401_G2 Units of time, focusing on seasons, days and weeks View
20210401_G4 Verb conjugations, prepositions, soul and shadow View
20210401_G5 IMP form of several verbs View
20210419_G1 Elicitation of sentences using plurals and multiple verbs View
20210419_G5 Elicitation of color terms View
20210422_CL1 Annotaion of text about marriage View
20210422_CL2 Annotaion of text about marriage View
20210422_G6 Attempted applicatives and monsyllabic word tone View
20210423_G2 Plants and agriculture, cooking, transitive verbs, indirect objects View
20210423_G4 Lexical words, glossing and prepositions View
20210428_CL1 Elicitation of clause types View
20210429_CL2 Elicitation of clause types View
20210429_G5 Revisiting Minimal Vowel Pairs and Colours View
20210429_G6 Continuation of class session eliciting verbs View
20210430_G1 Lexical entries View
20210430_G2 Comparisons and various describing words View
20210430_G4 Revisiting weather descriptions and verbs View
20210503_G1 Revisiting lexical entries View
20210503_G5 Elicitation of comparative and tone View
20210505_CL1 Elicitation of causative intransitives and 1 transitive View
20210506_CL1_01 elicitation of causative and benefactive for some transitive verbs View
20210506_CL1_02 Serial verbs and kinship elicitation View
20210507_G2 Health, sickness, injury and reported speech View
20210507_G4 New Year <tavale> activities in Kufa View
20210507_G6 Revisiting old verbs, eliciting new verbs and TAM distinctions View
20210510_G1 Transcription and translation of family story View
20210510_G5 Pear story: narrative and storytelling View
20210512_CL1 Constructions containing multiple verbs and pronouns. View
20210513_CL2 Elicitation of some causative, transitive, and attributive verbs View
20210514_G2 if' and 'when' constructions, some indirect object clauses View
20210514_G4 Shadow View
20210517_G1 Transcription and translation of family story View
20210517_G5 Pear story narrative View
20210520_CL1 Imperative eliciation, kiss, open, sweep View
20210520_CL2 Imperative elicitation, cook, go, talk View
20210520_G6_01 First session transcribing the second half of Slave Story View
20210520_G6_02 attempt to elicit combinability of different verbal affixes View
20210521_G2 Imperative constructions and location words, some relative clauses View
20210521_G4 Shadow and the preposition 'oma' View
20210526_CL1 Elicitation of passive constructions, verbs with prepostions and comparative forms View
20210526_G1 Glossing text, eliciting nominal gender and multi verb constructions View
20210527_CL1 Attached pronouns View
20210527_CL2 Orthography and corresponding vowels View
20210527_G2 Vowels and Seasons View
20210527_G4 Revisiting lexical entries, verb paradigm View
20210603_G1 Revisiting lexical entries and elicitation of nominal gender, plurals and multi verb constructions View
20210603_G6 Verbal template View
20210604_G2 Imperatives with adverbs, relative clauses, conjunctions View
20210604_G4 Revisiting texts about shadows in Kufo View
20210920_Kinship1 Kinship and kin terms View
20210927_Kinship2 Kinship and kin terms View
20211025_Adjectives1 Adjective and gender agreement View

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