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Collection ID JM4
Title Murrinh-Patha
Description Various speech types and a wide range of speakers from Wadeye and Palumpa, Northern Territory, Australia
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John Mansfield
Operator Ben Volchok
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E977A5DD4B0
Cite as John Mansfield (collector), 1959. Murrinh-Patha. Collection JM4 at [Other Access].
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John Mansfield
Ben Volchok
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20110722KMAB 20110722 Keith Mardigan and Anthony Bunduck View
20110725LPGM 20110725 Luke Parmbuk and Glen Majindi View
20110726JCMkM 20110726 Joshua Crocombe and Mark Melpi View
20110801RTFA 20110801 Raphael Tunmuck and Felix Alliung View
20110808SLPM 20110808 Samuel Longmair and Peter Mardigan View
20110816PBKM 20110816 Phillip Berida and Keith Mardigan View
20110821GMMK 20110821 Gabriel Mardigan and Michael Kundair View
20110824RMDMGMMG 20110824 Ralph, Daniel and Gabriel Mardigan, and Mark Gumbaduck View
20110825XMDM 20110825 Xavier Mardigan and Daniel Mardigan View
20110830GMAM 20110830 Gerald Mardinga and Arthur Mardinga View

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