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Collection ID HVN2018
Title Results of Linguistic Fieldwork and Documentation Training Program in East Nusa Tenggara,
Description Results of the Linguistic Fieldwork and Documentation Training Program, a U.S. National Science Foundation grant to the University of Delaware, Peter Cole and Gabriella Hermon, Principal Investigators (BCS-1747801), conducted in collaboration with the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, held in 2018.
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DOI 10.26278/5c9a3e7c45258
Cite as Yanti (collector), 2018. Results of Linguistic Fieldwork and Documentation Training Program in East Nusa Tenggara,. Collection HVN2018 at [Open Access].
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Asako Shiohara, Yanti
Peter Cole
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CON001 Basic introductions View
CON002 Basic introductions continued View
CON003 Parts of the traditional house and their meanings View
CON004 Conversation about tools used to collect palm juice View
CON005 Farming conversation View
CON006 Weaving View
CON007 Fishing View
CON008 Daily activities View
CON009 The story of Putiana View
CON010 The story of Hubi ai and Hubi iki View
ELIC001 Basic clauses View
ELIC002 Crow and jackal story View
ELIC003 Retelling of the crow and jackal View
ELIC004 Negation in Hawu View
ELIC005 Frog and rabbit storyboard View
ELIC006 Mary and her chores View
ELIC007 Mary and her chores View
ELIC008 Frog and Rabbit storyboard View
ELIC009 Negation in Hawu View
ELIC010 The salmon and the bear View
ELIC011 Aspects of the grammar View
ELIC012 Aspects of the grammar View
ELIC013 Not yet' and 'already' View
GEN001 Geneology View
GEN002 Geneology View
GEN003 Geneology View
GEN004 Geneology View
INS001 Chameleon storyboard View
INS002 Mary and her chores View
INS003 Animal party View
MON001 Lado and Tudi Buki View
MON002 How to make fried rice View
MON003 Narrative View
MON004 Wolo Manu View
MON005 Culture of Sabu View
MON006 How one should propose to a pregnant girl View
MON007 Fractured story of Nyale (worms) View
MON008 Fractured Story of Nyale (worms) View
MON009 Someone who comes and brings goodness than leaves View
MON010 Don't forget where you belong View
MON011 Explanation about the first song MON-009 View
MON012 Explanation about the second song MON-010 View
MON013 How to make Hopi, local alcohol View
MON014 How to build a traditional Hawunese house View
MON015 How to weave a traditional blanket View
MON016 Materials needed for weaving View
MON017 Daily activities View
MON018 Daily activities View
MON019 Daily activities View
MON020 How to plant onions View

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