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Collection ID GS02
Title Recordings of Lau (Solomon Islands)
Description Stories from the Lau Lagoon
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Giordana Santosuosso
Originating university Monash University
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Region / village Solomon Islands
DOI 10.4225/72/5779DF48382D6
Cite as Giordana Santosuosso (collector), 2009. Recordings of Lau (Solomon Islands). Collection GS02 at [Closed Access].
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Edit access Giordana Santosuosso
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access details The wishes of the Lau communities (and mine) of making the collection available to the Solomon Islands National Museum in Honiara, when the museum will have the facilities to host it. A duplicate of the collection will be made for the use of the museum.
From date of deposit - Unrestricted access after 5 years for all recordings, except for recordings marked as PK who specified 10 years.
No texts (part or whole) can be reproduced for commercial purposes.
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Kaufe2 Making a kaufe narrated by AE View
KiteFishing How to make a kite for fishing narrated by MR View
Language Our language narrated by LR View
LifeIsland Living in the islands narrated by FM View
Manu Manu the bird narrated by PK View
MenWomenHouse The men house and the women house narrated by LR View
Migration From Foueda to Ferafaalu narrated by JR View
MonkeyShark The monkey and the shark narrated by JL View
MonkeyTurtle The monkey and the turtle narrated by JL View
NotBecomingPriest Why I did not become a priest narrated by HT View

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