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Collection ID GK1
Title Gurindji Kriol Corpus
Description This collection consists of recordings from adult and child speakers of Gurindji Kriol from 2004-2017. Most recordings are made to picture-prompt stimuli.

Note that Cassandra Algy was instrumental in the collection of the Gurindji Kriol data, so please cite as:

Felicity Meakins, Cassandra Algy (collectors), 2004. Gurindji Kriol Corpus. Collection GK1 at [Closed Access].

Many thanks to Sasha Wilmoth who was instrumental to the development of the corpus. We are also grateful to a number of interns who transcribed and annotated recordings of children's Gurindji Kriol in a number of University of Queensland Summer Research programs (2014-2018): Sasha Wilmoth, Jackie van den Bos, Kate Charlwood, Hannah Choi, Elizabeth Hall, Jessica Solla, Vivien Dunn and Bodean Sloan.
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Felicity Meakins
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university University of Queensland
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DOI 10.26278/CD9K-3Y70
Cite as Felicity Meakins (collector), 2004. Gurindji Kriol Corpus. Collection GK1 at [Closed Access].
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Edit access Felicity Meakins
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access details Please contact the depositor to request access to the audio and transcriptions held within this collection. Videos are only available for community members.

No access will be granted to material containing deceased people without prior consent of the families.
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FHM106 Animacy board game View
FHM107 Animacy board game View
FHM111 Interview View
FHM112 Animacy board game View
FHM113 Animacy board game View
FHM114 Animacy board game View
FHM115 Animacy board game View
FHM116 Animacy board game View
FHM117 Allative Board Game View
FHM118 Allative Board Game View
FHM119 Allative Board Game View
FHM120 Allative Board Game View
FHM121 Allative Board Game View
FHM122 Frog Story, Hunting Trip Story View
FHM123 Allative Board Game View
FHM124 All Board Games View
FHM125 Allative Board Game View
FHM126 Bingo View
FHM127 Bingo View
FHM128 Bingo View
FHM129 Allative Board Game View
FHM130 Allative Board Game View
FHM131 Allative Board Game View
FHM132 All Board Games View
FHM133 All board games View
FHM134 Bingo View
FHM135 Bingo View
FHM136 All Board Games View
FHM137 All Board Games View
FHM138 Bingo View
FHM139 All Board Games View
FHM140 Frog Story View
FHM141 Frog Story View
FHM142 Allative Board Games View
FHM143 Bingo View
FHM144 Frog Story View
FHM145 Frog Story View
FHM146 Allative Board Game View
FHM147 Allative Board Game View
FHM148 Allative Board Game View
FHM149 Frog Story View
FHM150 Frog Story View
FHM151 Allative board game, Ergative bingo View
FHM152 Frog Story View
FHM153 Allative Board Game View
FHM154 Allative Board Game View
FHM155 Frog Story View
FHM156 All Board Games View
FHM157 Frog Story View
FHM158 Allative Checking View

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