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Collection ID CH1
Title Mosina (Mosin) (Vanuatu)
Description Collection of 11 audio tapes and 4 MDs containing recordings of various Vurës speakers. Most of these recordings have a transcript, and many are also time-aligned in Transcriber and glossed in Toolbox with English and Bislama translations.
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Catriona Malau
Originating university La Trobe University
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Region / village Vētuboso village Vanua Lava
DOI 10.4225/72/56E8244155203
Cite as Catriona Malau (collector), 2002. Mosina (Mosin) (Vanuatu). Collection CH1 at [Open Access].
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Catriona Hyslop
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200401LDP Vurës View
200401NDP Vurës View
200401SS1 Vurës View
200401SS2 Vurës View
200401SWG Vurës View
200402AFH Vurës View
200402AQA Vurës View
200402AQD Vurës View
200402EFS Vurës View
200402GGM Vurës View

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