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Collection ID AW2
Title Alan Walker's Sabu materials
Description Two boxes of language data (Bahasa Sabu / Lii Hawu) collected by Alan Walker in the 60s-70s (published as Walker, Alan T. 1982. A Grammar of Sawu. NUSA Linguistic Studies in Indonesian and Languages of Indonesia. Vol. 13. This includes language cards (7 boxes), notebooks (43), open reels (14) and cassettes (40). This collection was digitised from the original tapes and it is clear now that some tapes are copies of others. We have nevertheless included all recordings in this collection.
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Alan Walker
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E97998EC9A4
Cite as Alan Walker (collector), 1975. Alan Walker's Sabu materials. Collection AW2 at [Open Access].
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