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Title Kala Kawaw Ya - Linguistics field methods 2018
Description Linguistics field methods course on Kala Kawaw Ya. This course was part of the Summer School 2018 organised by the ARC Centre of Excelence for the Dynamics of Language.

Items containing BO indicate the different breakout sessions with the students and speaker. The LEC items were recorded during the lectures.

Course convener: Nicholas Evans (ANU) and Jeffrey Aniba-Waia
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Nicholas Evans
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Torres Strait
DOI 10.26278/5dc9778108cff
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Shubo Li
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20181126_BO Body parts View
20181126_LEC Introductions View
20181127_BO Plants View
20181127_LEC Performance View
20181128_BO Gender and adjectives View
20181129_BO1 Kinship terms, animals and natural environment View
20181129_BO2 Simple clauses View
20181129_LEC Basic greetings, first transcription and pronouns View
20181130_LEC Minimal pairs and verbal paradigms View

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