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Title Enga fieldmethods materials
Description Documentation of Enga spoken by Judah Iparam. Collected during Melbourne University's Linguistic Field Methods class of 2009 taught by Rachel Nordlinger. Files include audio elicitations, field notes and a dictionary.

Field notes are archived in the same item as the recording they correspond to.

Field Methods students include Rosey Billington, Tom Hollands, Caroline Thomas, Lauren Gawne and Nick Piper.
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Rachel Nordlinger
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.4225/72/597a0e0c0f2ea
Cite as Rachel Nordlinger (collector), 2009. Enga fieldmethods materials. Collection RN2 at [Other Access].
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021 Transcription: text about Marriage 4 View
022 Transcription: text about Marriage 5 View
023 Transcription: text about Pig exchange 1 View
024 Transcription: text about Pig exchange 2 View
025 Transcription: text about Pig exchange 3 View
026 Elicitation: noun morphology View
027 Elicitation: habitual verb forms View
028 Elicitation: reflexives and reciprocals View
029 Elicitation: clause combining, iteration and duratives View
030 Elicitation: reciprocals and verb Chasing View

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