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Collection ID MW5
Title Balinese and Indonesian cultural recordings.
Description Video recordings of ceremony, weddings, architecture, dance and song in Bali (and elsewhere in Indonesia), with commentary by the collector, Made Wijaya.

Each Item contains a link to the public Youtube version. They are archived here for long term preservation and access.

Note on Item numbers: there are deliberately no Items # 005, 007, 043, 200.
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Made Wijaya (Michael White)
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university University of Sydney
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DOI 10.4225/72/5a7db77a1b381
Cite as Made Wijaya (Michael White) (collector), 2011. Balinese and Indonesian cultural recordings.. Collection MW5 at [Open Access].
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001 ARCHITECTURE 1 - North Sumatra View
002 ARCHITECTURE 2 - East Bali View
003 ARCHITECTURE 3 - East Bali, Kintamani View
004 ARCHITECTURE 4 - North Bali, Buleleng View
006 ARCHITECTURE 6 - North Bali View
008 ARCHITECTURE 8 - East Bali, Karangasem View
009 ARCHITECTURE 9 - East Java View
010 ARCHITECTURE 10 - Klungkung, Bali View
011 ARCHITECTURE 11 - Tiga Village, Bangli, Bali View
012 ARCHITECTURE 12 - Gianyar, Bali View

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